When You Break Up With A Narcissist They Often Come Running Back-WTF?


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When you break up with a narcissist and start dating someone else, often times the narc comes running back. The narc fears losing his/her ego supply when we start dating other people. Dear Ones, its never a good idea to fall for the empty promises of someone who has already proven they have no empathy for the human being you are.

Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach, Mentor, Author and Radio Show Host

Her specialties include, "Codependency", "Adult Children of Alcoholic" related issues, "Relationship Coaching", "Love Addiction" Coaching as well as "Parent Coaching" for parents wishing to break the cycles of "dysfunctional" abuse.

If you are "codependent", suffer from "codependency" or if you are a 'love addict" in need of useful practical advice, then this channel is a welcome oasis for you.

If you have grown up in a "dysfunctional home", if you have suffered from "emotional abuse", "verbal abuse", "physical abuse" and or have been "psychologically abused" by a "narcissistic mother" or "father", then the information you gain here will help ease some of your emotional dis-ease.

If you are a 'healer" looking to gain more insight into some of the "wounded adult children" you are working with; if you are a "lightwkrker" seeking to more fully empathize with the pain bodies of your clients, you will gain tremendous insights into why your clients feel as deeply wounded as they do. Knowing "why" people are in such painful bodies, will help you learn "how to heal" them more deeply.

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"Lisa A. Romano's" books are:

* "The Road Back To Me"
* "My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce" (The Sequel To The Road Back To Me)
* "Loving The Self Affirmations"
* "Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now"
"Loving The Self Affirmations-Healing Childhood Brainwashing"

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