Justin and Emily: The Proposal


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To everyone who donated to our dear friend Chri's Aiff's fundraiser, thank you so much! Chris passed away surrounded by so much love on May 4th 2014. To all of the advertiser making tons of money of this video... maybe consider donating some of you profits in his name, or to Zach Sobiech's Osteosarcoma fund: http://www.childrenscancer.org/zach/
Thank you for all your love and support.
Emily and Justin

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On April 13th I proposed to my girlfriend Emily at the restaurant where we had our first date. I told her I was running late, had the restaurant opened just for her, and set up hidden cameras all around her. When she sat down at the table, there was a TV in front of her set to take her on a journey that would lead to the proposal of a lifetime. This is what happened...

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