Dubsmash Relationship Goals Compilation | The Best Dubsmash Couples Destacado

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I didn't mean any copyright when making video. All the creators are credited below, if I have used your footage and you want it removed then please message me. :)
Creators names and social links are listed below:

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Dyls&Channy (their full video here:https://goo.gl/PUcA0w)
Click here to Subscribe to their Youtube Channel:https://goo.gl/gpLfoC
Their Instagram's: @chanymoo & @_dyyls on Instagram

Joana Hildango (her full video here:https://goo.gl/mfswUz)
Click here to Subscribe to Joana's Channel:https://goo.gl/xWzKHD
Her Social Media:
Intagram @Joana.Hidalgo
Twitter @ Jooaannaaa_
Musical.Ly:Joana Asf

Nisha S (her full video here:https://goo.gl/aFb0VU)
Click here to Subscribe to her Channel:https://goo.gl/BtHnsK
Instagram: @Futurecoldest & @Frass_unique
Snapchat: futurecoldest & Newby20

Kaily Doan (her full video here:https://goo.gl/Z4gePq)
Click here to Subscribe to Kaily's Channel:https://goo.gl/RyWoML

Molly Bella (her full video:https://goo.gl/NKPlLQ)
Click here to Subscribe to Molly's Channel:https://goo.gl/Px4XFE
Her Instagram: @mxlly.bella
Her Brother's Instagram: @jakexohara

Hello it's Amie (her full video:https://goo.gl/NzbG0p)
Click here to Subscribe to Amie's Channel:https://goo.gl/1YUjW4
Their Social Media:
Instagram: @helloitsamie and @aaronfoster_14

Charlie Hudson
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